Rooftop Drive-in Ticket And Entry Terms & Conditions Last Updated: 5th December 2016


  1. The following terms and conditions govern your purchase of movie tickets (“Tickets”) for Rooftop Drive-in film sessions and other events (“Events”) by you (“You”) from Rooftop Drive-in Pty Ltd ACN 614 918 615 and attendance at Events by You.
  2. By purchasing or acquiring Tickets, consuming any goods or services supplied by Rooftop Drive-in or attending an Event, You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  3. A reference herein to “You” includes a reference to any person granted attendance to an Event, whether or not such person has purchased or acquired a Ticket or was the original purchaser of a Ticket that was subsequently transferred to that person.


  1. Tickets can be purchased via Rooftop Drive-in website (“Website”) or from the onsite box office for programmed films and can be presented:
    • by the legal credit card holder presenting the card used for the transaction at the ticket box at the Drive-in;
    • by You presenting Your smart phone to the usher at Rooftop Drive-in box office, where the ticket has been emailed to You and the Ticket is displayed on Your smart phone
    • for vehicle sessions – by You printing the Ticket at home and presenting the Ticket print-out at the box office for Rooftop Drive-in
    • for viewing deck patrons – by You printing the Ticket at home and presenting the Ticket) print-out at the box office for Rooftop Drive-in
  2. All information displayed on the Website, on a Ticket or on any other media produced by Rooftop Drive-in is correct at time of publication and is subject to change at any time without notice.
  3. A Payment Processing & Administration Fee of $1.50 (inclusive of GST) shall apply to each Ticket purchase through the Website or purchased at the box office via Visa or MasterCard credit card.
  4. All Tickets and products are priced in Australian dollars and Ticket prices are inclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.
  5. Tickets are valid only for the session time or session times for which the Tickets are purchased and can only be used once.
  6. Tickets are transferable and may be on-sold by you privately at the same or lesser price as the value of the Ticket. Tickets must not be re-sold or offered for re-sale on third party websites such as eBay, Gumtree or online other auctioning or marketing websites, at a premium or used for advertising, promotional or other purposes. A breach of these conditions may result in Rooftop Drive-in cancelling Your Ticket(s) without refund, refusing to sell Tickets or supply goods or services to you in the future or refusal of admission to Rooftop Drive-in.
  7. If You wish to transfer your Ticket to a third party (whether or not in accordance with these terms and conditions) then You must ensure that such person has read and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions as though he or she was You. Further, You hereby guarantee to Rooftop Drive-in that such person or any other person to whom such Ticket might subsequently be on-transferred (a “Ticket holder”) shall abide by these terms and conditions and You hereby indemnify Rooftop Drive-in for any and all loss, cost (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) or damage that Rooftop Drive-in suffers or incurs as a result of any breach by a Ticket holder of these terms and conditions.
  8. All Ticket sales are final. Other than as required by law, refunds and exchanges are at the discretion of Rooftop Drive-in and will not be given for lost Tickets, inadvertently booking the wrong session or if you change Your mind. Refunds will not be given for a cancellation or termination due to adverse weather conditions although Rooftop Drive-in may (in its discretion) issue you a voucher for the face value of the Ticket to be redeemed.
  9. Should an event be cancelled or rescheduled, Rooftop Drive-in will make reasonable endeavours to inform You (via sms to your mobile phone and by email) and a voucher will be issued to You for another session of the same value as the face value of Your Ticket.
  10. Complimentary Tickets will not be refunded if unused and are valid for the duration of the season only.
  11. Rooftop Drive-in reserves the right to vary the terms of sale of Tickets and supply of goods and services at any time. Variations become effective upon posting on the Website (“Website”). By making a purchase through this site after the terms and conditions have been varied you agree to be bound by such variation.
  12. Film distribution companies on an ad hoc basis distribute “in season tickets” which can be redeemed gratis at a cinema or drive-in locations playing that particular film. Rooftop Drive-in permits for these “in season” tickets to be redeemed gratis (or as stated on the in season ticket) to the walk up “Blue-Deck” area only. Rooftop Drive-in does not permit the redemption of film distributor’s “in season tickets” in the vehicle section of the drive-in.


  1. eVouchers are available for purchase from the Website. eVouchers purchased online will be sent via email by Rooftop Drive-in. Once you have emailed a staff member will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking. Bookings are subject to availability. eVouchers shall entitle You to purchase Tickets to the value of the eVoucher.
  2. eVouchers are subject to the following conditions:
    • eVouchers are not valid for special events;
    • booking fees may apply when redeeming eVouchers online;
    • eVouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase; and
    • eVouchers are non-refundable, cannot be redeemed for cash, must not be on-sold without the written permission of Rooftop Drive-in, and are not available for exchange, unless required by law.
  3. Rooftop Drive-in reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions applying to eVouchers at any time.


  1. At the point of entry to Rooftop Drive-in, the information printed on the Ticket presented must match Your full name as specified in the booking history for the Ticket.  You may be asked to present a current matching driver’s license, “Proof of Age” card or passport that verifies this information
  2. By entering a film session at Rooftop Drive-in, You agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for marketing and/or promotional purposes.
  3. Rooftop Drive-in attracts considerable media interest. By purchasing Your Ticket and/or attending a film session, You agree for your name, photograph and/or footage of You and your guests to be used by Rooftop Drive-in for promotional and/or advertising purposes.
  4. Any other personal information that Rooftop Drive-in collects in relation to You will be maintained in accordance with Rooftop Drive-in privacy policy
  5. You acknowledge that by purchasing a Ticket and/or attending a film session, You and/or Your guests do so at Your and their own risk and that You and your guests are not, to the best of your knowledge, suffering from a condition which would prevent and/or render You or Your guests unfit to participate in the Event. You voluntarily assume the risk for You and Your guests of injury, property damage or loss while attending Rooftop Drive-in. You agree to take all reasonable measures to protect Yourself and Your guests from all risks of participation Rooftop Drive-in.
  6. When attending Rooftop Drive-in, You must ensure that Your guests:
    • at all times behave in a polite and responsible manner, take all care, exercise good judgment, dispose of your rubbish in the receptacles provided and not do anything that might interfere with the performance of the film session, the enjoyment of other patrons or cause any property loss or damage; and
    • at all times promptly comply with the lawful directions of Rooftop Drive-in staff and authorised representatives, all signage at the drive-in and any dress code decided by Rooftop Drive-in for an event; and
    • exit sessions quietly and with respect to neighbours.
  7. Rooftop Drive-in reserves the right to refuse entry or eject You or Your guests from a film session or future sessions without refund if You or your guests do not comply with these conditions.
  8. As Events are not licensed for alcohol, You must not, and must ensure that Your guests do not, bring any alcohol in to Rooftop Drive-in. You may be ejected from the cinema.
  9. You and Your guests must not bring any glass (such as glass bottles or containers) in to Rooftop Drive-in. You may be refused entry.
  10. Rooftop Drive-in reserves the right to refuse You or Your guests entry or eject You or Your guests from a film session if (in the opinion of Rooftop Drive-in) You or any of your guests are intoxicated or under the influence of illicit substances.
  11. Dogs are welcome on leash and to remain in the car. The owner, who is liable for any mess created by the dog, must buy doggie bags. Patrons are 100% liable for any issues related to pet ownership and the welfare of their pet, Rooftop Drive-in remain indemnified from any issues related to your pet. Rooftop Drive-in also reserve the right to evict any guests with dogs causing disturbances. Rooftop Drive-in also is indemnified from any injuries caused by your dog to other individuals whilst remains your responsibility for any damage caused. Rooftop Drive-in also reserve the right to charge accordingly for any damage your pet may cause.
  12. You are responsible for all property that You or your guests bring to the event. Rooftop Drive-in accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to Your or Your guests’ property.
  13. You hereby indemnify Rooftop Drive-in, it’s staff and representatives for any and all loss, cost (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) or damage that Rooftop Drive-in or it’s staff or representatives suffer or incur as a result of any breach by You or Your guests of these terms and conditions.
  14. Except as strictly required by law, Rooftop Drive-in will not under any circumstances be liable or responsible to You or Your guests for any damage or loss (including consequential loss), whether arising in tort, contract, bailment, or otherwise. All risk, injury, loss or damage to person or property (including Your guests’ persons or property) is at Your own risk.
  15. As film sessions are all-weather outdoor events, You acknowledge and agree that screenings will proceed in most weather conditions.  For example, Events will still occur if it rains intermittently. Rooftop Drive-in strongly recommends that walk up customers bring wet weather gear to screenings in case of rain (the use of umbrellas during screenings is not permitted as it obstructs the view of other audience members). Screenings will be cancelled only if the weather poses a safety threat to patrons and staff. Rooftop Drive-in may decide in its discretion to cancel a session at any time up to or during the Event.
  16. Rooftop Drive-in staff and authorised representatives may enter, move or tow away Your vehicle or any vehicle of Your guests for operational, logistical or safety reasons or in the event that you fail or refuse to comply with these terms and conditions. You must ensure that your guests provide access to any vehicle owned by them for this purpose.
  17. Rooftop Drive-in operates as a CASHLESS eftpos only site. All ticketing, food & beverage from Rooftop Drive-in can be purchased with a credit or debit card only. Acceptable credit cards are MasterCard and Visa. We do not accept AMEX.
  18. Rooftop Drive-in advises that when other events occur outside our location, there may be delays due to traffic congestion. In this case, Rooftop Drive-in encourages patrons to anticipate such delays and allow sufficient travel time to avoid disappointment
  19. Rooftop Drive-in suggests neat casual attire at all times…including footwear.
  20. Vehicles that have broken down; if a vehicle has a flat battery, Rooftop Drive-in will have a battery charger as well as battery charger leads onsite to assist you and your vehicle.
  21. If a vehicle cannot start, traffic controllers from Rooftop Drive-in will assist the driver to move the vehicle to level 4. (thereafter, it will become the sole responsibility of the driver to arrange for the vehicle’s removal or repair). In extreme circumstances, the driver of the said vehicle will have 24 hours to arrange removal of vehicle. If the said vehicle is not removed within this 24-hour period, Rooftop Drive-in reserves the right to make vehicle removal arrangements.
  22. Rooftop Drive-in shall be indemnified for any costs related to vehicles which breakdown onsite.
  23. PARKING; patrons who opt to use their vehicles at Rooftop Drive-in, must adhere to the Ticket Parking Allowance in accordance with car park operator (CARE CAR PARK), regulations. Patrons who option to view a film session at Rooftop Drive-in have an allowance of 8 hours from entering the car park and exiting the car park. Should “vehicle” patrons enter the Care Car Park building 5 hours or more prior to your selected film session at Rooftop Drive-in will not receive an exiting ticket from the ticket box and will subsequently, be asked to pay their own parking fee
  24. PARKING FOR VIEWING DECK PATRONS; “walk-up” patrons to Rooftop Drive-in (“Blue-Deck”) areas may utilize the lower levels of Care Car Park if selecting to drive to the venue, however such patrons will need to pay for their own car park fee.


Rooftop Drive-in is strictly against piracy of all content and takes these matters very seriously. If anyone is seen to be pirating material at Rooftop Drive-in location they will be liable to the law.

Our traffic controllers and cinema staff will be patrolling the cinema and anyone caught using cameras on any devices to record the cinema screen(s) or audio track will be immediately reported to the Victorian Police and The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT)

Rooftop Drive-in will also reserve the right to evict any persons for being directly or indirectly involved in such matters.

Please assist our fight against piracy and immediately report any suspicious activity to Rooftop Drive-in staff.



As at – 12th December 2016

  1. This eVoucher is valid for one movie session admission.
  2. eVouchers can be redeemed online by emailing with the subject line REEDEEM VOUCHER. Please include the following in email:
    • name
    • reference number
    • preferred date
    • session time
    • movie

You should then receive a confirmation email and an e-ticket for your booking.

  1. eVouchers cannot be redeemed until 24 hours after purchase. Subject to availability and capacity.
  2. Not valid for group bookings, special events, private screenings, movie marathons or in conjunction with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise stated.
  3. A carload eVoucher cannot be exchanged for walk-up eVouchers of the same equal value.
  4. Walk-up eVouchers cannot be exchanged for a carload eVoucher of the same equal value.
  5. A surcharge may apply for special events sessions where the admission fee is increased.
  6. An online booking fee may apply.
  7. It is the responsibility of the holder to redeem eVouchers for a movie session scheduled on or before the expiry date.
  8. eVouchers are not refundable, not transferrable and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash or other gift products.
  9. Lost and expired eVouchers will not be extended, replaced or exchanged for cash.
  10. Refer to Rooftop Drive-in Website for full terms and conditions.
  11. Maximum vehicle height is 2.1 metres due to car park restrictions.
  12. eVouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  13. It may take up to 24 hours after purchasing this eVoucher before it can be redeemed.